Cayenta has created utility industry solutions for over 30 years. Our experience and expertise ensure that your organization is provided with a cutting edge solution to meet the dynamic demands of your distinctive business challenges.


At Cayenta, we understand the challenges faced by today’s school districts. Let us help you find a solution that streamlines your unique financial and human resources processes so you can focus on your most important assets – your students.


Discover new levels of operational efficiency with our suite of solutions that provide answers to your public sector needs. With Cayenta, take the management of your local government processes to the next level.

Everything you need in one package

Powerful & easy

Our user friendly interface is incorporated across our suite of integrated modules. Cayenta’s ease-of-use will increase your team’s efficiency.

Fully integrated

With our fully-integrated modules, there is no need for additional interfaces. Realize cost savings and ease of use with our robust modules and industry standard API.

History of success

Since 1984, we have been helping our clients respond to changing regulations, customer needs, and emerging technologies.


We understand that one size does not fit all when it comes to implementations – we take a consultative and pragmatic approach to ensure our methodology fits with your unique organization.

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